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You may be wondering why my blog is worth reading. It’s not your typical lifestyle blog, I can tell you that.

Through Inspired Mess, I hope to inspire you to make sense of life, despite its messiness.

How are we to make sense of life? By LEARNING. We learn, when we challenge ourselves to step outside our comfort zones- like traveling somewhere new. Diving into different cultures, including our own. Training our bodies to be healthier and look better. And most importantly, reflecting on what life is teaching us at every moment.

Traveling has been in my blood since I was little. I’ve visited Taiwan, Bolivia, Puerto Rico, Canada, Cuba, Trinidad & Tobago, and islands off the coast of Mexico and Honduras. I try to hit at least one new country each year, and wandering off the beaten path is more my style. In between trips, I find all sorts of hidden gems- whether it’s traveling to another city in the US, or finding some local activity that most people don’t know about!

Culture is another one of my passions. As a bilingual dual citizen of Taiwan and the US, I grew up being a part of more than just one culture. Through my travels and social circles, other cultures have also become a part of who I am.

Fitness is a key part of my life. I started the SassyFitMe fitness blog back in 2016 when I began my fitness journey. Since then, I’ve never skipped a week of meal prepping (aside from travel) and am still often approached by people in the gym asking if I train or compete. Since a lot of people have told me they were inspired by my previous blog, I decided to include a Fitness section.

Reflections are a daily thing for me. Especially after travels, major life decisions, and hardships, I like to reflect on what I learned.

These four aspects of life are so important to me, and I hope to share them with you! This is a dual purpose blog- I get to keep my writing skills in shape as I prepare to write a book, while also positively influencing others.

Exciting things lie ahead, so to make sure you don’t miss out, hit “Follow” on the right side of the page! 😉