Staying Entertained in Quarantine: What to Try (and Not Try)

Some have been asking how I’ve been keeping myself occupied at home during Quarantine 2k20. TV is definitely not on that list, since pre-quarantine I wasn’t a huge TV watcher anyway (too time consuming and addicting; I prefer movies since they have endpoints). For those who need inspiration, here are some ideas on things to do at home!

A couple things I attempted to do that didn’t work out so well, maybe you’ll have better luck?

  1. If you attempt a 500+ piece puzzle because that’s what all your friends are doing, make sure you get it from the Dollar Tree (because you’re bound to be missing several pieces). You need another reason to drive yourself crazy during quarantine.
  2. Tried to play app games with friends, only to be interrupted by a phone call and not be able to join them. Heard the app was hacked so ended up deleting it (Houseparty). By the time you read this, perhaps the security issues will have been resolved.
  3. Erased my 2020 goals from my home whiteboard and tried to come up with a daily schedule Great in theory, but tried sticking to my new routine and followed it for a day. (My work schedule has also changed thanks to COVID-19, so that’s out the window anyway).
  4. As part of “spring cleaning” I attempted to rid my basement home of spiders. Because I happen to think squishing bugs is disgusting, I tried to trap them with a plastic cup and piece of cardboard so I could scoop them up and flush them down the toilet or something. Let’s just say they ended up escaping and chasing me instead as I ran away screaming.
  5. Planned on unpacking the big box that’s been sitting in my living room for the past month or so…but decided it makes a pretty nice tabletop instead, so now I just leave stuff on it. Dumbbells. Keys. Phone. Charger. Who knew a box could be so handy?


Here are a couple things I did that worked out beautifully for me. Give them a try!

  1. Host a virtual bottomless brunch with friends.

Picked a Saturday around 11 am since that’s when brunch would normally be and used Google Hangouts as the platform. It was a great chance to reconnect with old college friends while not having to eat a meal alone. For my mimosas I used a few bottles of Andre, a good cheap brut that does the job, and some OJ light (think about how much sugary juice you’re consuming when you go bottomless…wanted to cut the sugar as much as I could). For my brunch spread, I ordered avocado toast with a side of chicken sausage from a local restaurant via Uber Eats. If you don’t feel like making your own breakfast, it’s a great way to treat yourself on the weekend while supporting your local businesses!

  1. Give yourself a DIY haircut.

(To my male readers, sorry can’t give you much advice on this one). My haircut was long overdue, one of those things that I kept procrastinating. Plus with all the salons being closed, didn’t have much of a choice anyway. After stepping out the shower one day, spontaneously decided it’d be fun to trim away at my own hair and spent an hour on my little ‘art project’. It honestly did feel like I was doing a craft or something; giving myself a haircut actually felt quite therapeutic. Basically parted my hair in the middle, threw them in front of my shoulders and layered them by dividing into 8-9 strips starting from the back. It actually wasn’t that difficult. Used regular small scissors too.

  1. Journal your thoughts.

With extra time on my hands, I’ve gotten back into journaling and find it a great way to openly express my unfiltered feelings about everything going on. It also helps me slow down and self reflect. I love looking back on old journal entries years later and laughing at the younger me’s perspective, recalling old memories that I otherwise would’ve forgotten completely. If you’re new to journaling, here are some topics you can write about: the day’s accomplishments, unplanned occurrences, your mood, any memories that came to mind, future hopes and dreams…like the first restaurant you’ll hit once quarantine is over, the first person you’ll go visit, the first place you’ll travel to.

  1. Write an encouraging letter to a stranger.

Spontaneous idea I had one evening. Sat down and handwrote a two page cursive letter. Told them a bit about myself, asked about them, expressed how I feel about all that’s going on, and just let them know that they aren’t alone. Haven’t mailed it yet, but am planning to go on Google Maps and pick a random address. Who knows, maybe they’ll even write back and I’ll have a new penpal! At the very least I hope it makes someone’s day.

How are you staying entertained in quarantine? Leave a comment!

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