Empowering Women To Walk With Pride


For most women, sexual assault is a harsh reality. Many let their stories go untold — whether it’s because they fear revenge, revived trauma, people’s skepticism, or lack of justice from the legal system. Jodi Lasky, however, refused to suppress her story. A man once took away her power after she refused his unwelcome advances, but she regained it by deciding not to let the incident destroy her. Instead, she let it fuel her determination to make a difference and help empower women in similar situations.

Immediately after the assault, Jodi realized she had no desire to call the police. It’d make more sense to reach out to someone close to her, like family. That sparked an idea. What if women had a way to end threatening situations without escalating them? What if women could carry a safety network with them anywhere?

Jodi came up with an idea for a portable button that contacts a person’s safety network when clicked. She worked tirelessly to create a technology that does this, and her idea turned into a reality when she went full-time with her business last summer. Such was the beginning of her company, The Pride.

How did The Pride get its name? Jodi realized the importance of safety in numbers, and began thinking of animals that lived in groups with dominant females. It only seemed fitting to use lionesses!

The Pride offers a unique tool called the Nala button. Women can save four lists of trusted people, including a default list. With one click, the button texts the people on your list with a link to your Google Maps location based on your gps coordinates. It also sends a custom pre-saved message with a request to call the button holder. Recipients can choose to answer “Yes” or “No”. “No” stops the texts. “Yes” gives them the opportunity to call, in addition to sending them automatic texts every fifteen seconds with the woman’s updated location.

white keychain nala

The Nala button can be attached to a keychain, or if purchased with a sleeve, can be worn on a watch band or lanyard. The simple and subtle design makes it the perfect travel companion to take anywhere. It’s also more convenient than using any app; no need to turn it on, sign in, or have your phone out in order to use it.

Most importantly, the Nala button gives every woman the opportunity to determine her own boundaries. Every woman needs to understand that she has the right to set her own definition for what sexual assault is, without needing to wonder if she is “bothering” others while asking for support.

The Pride allows family and friends a chance to help empower the women in their lives, even through simply being available as a support network. Knowing they have their Pride with them, women can be empowered to walk confidently and safely wherever they go. Should they request help, someone will answer. And sometimes, that makes all the difference.

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Become a part of The Pride, and keep yourself and your loved ones safe. Order Nala buttons online here!

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