So why the name Inspired Mess?

As I was researching other lifestyle blogs, I was struck by how perfect they seemed. Spotless websites that showed pictures of beautiful people with their lives all in order. It actually intimidated me. I started thinking, “How will I ever create something so perfect?” I didn’t even own a fancy camera or know much about editing photos. Where to start?

But then I realized…maybe it doesn’t have to be perfect. Life is messy. Life is complicated. And life is far from perfect.

While brainstorming a blog name, I was bouncing ideas off two of my best friends and at one point they suggested ‘Inspired Mess’. (Thanks Colleen & Indira!) Through the mess that is life, we experience both pain and beauty, and it’s from those experiences that we find our inspiration.

The topics in this blog are some of my major interests at this stage in life. However, it’s not all about me. I share my thoughts and experiences in the hope that they hold value for you. I hope it’ll serve you with useful information, good advice, and some laughs along the way. Most importantly, I hope it’ll challenge you to empathize with others, grow yourself, and consider fresh perspectives.